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Reduce where is my order (WISMO) calls with real-time delivery updates
  • Branded Whatsapp, Email, SMS delivery alerts.
  • Dedicated tracking URL for each shipment.
  • Significantly reduce customer queries.
custom tracking
Custom branded tracking page
  • Allow customers to track on your website instead of a carrier website.
  • Uses header and footer of the store in tracking pages.
  • Supports multi language and regional carriers.
customer satisfaction
Measure customer satisfaction using NPS
  • Ask for review after X number of days of Delivery.
  • Measure Net Promoter Score(NPS) monthly, weekly, yearly.
Measure carrier performance with advanced reports
  • Measure RTO percentage carrier wise.
  • Measure which carrier is fast or slow.
  • Get undelivered shipments delivered.
Shopify Pushback
Auto-update shipment status in your Shopify backend
  • View shipment status like In-transit , Out for Delivery, Undelivered directly in Shopify order section.
  • Collect timely reviews from customers by integrating with Shopify apps like LOOX and Judgeme.
  • Allows integration with other marketing channels like Adyogi, Whatsapp marketing and many more.
Raise a query
Reduce your RTO and fake courier attempts via Delivery issue alert
  • Allow users to raise delivery issues directly from the tracking page.
  • A proper communication can help reduce RTO's fast.
  • Integrate your helpdesk directly with Shipway and stay in touch with your customers.
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